Stairway to heaven

Posted on Fri, 23 Feb 2007 by midcenturyjo

The name says it all. A little riser and tread thread.

Douglas Mackie Ken Hayden
Feinknopf Australian Vogue Living
Douglas Mackie John Barman
Peter Marino Australian Vogue Living

kim. says:

LOVE LOVE LOVE the railing in the last pic. How simple to do – buy a long dowel and paint stripes. Although a railing along a wall is probably somethign I would have just removed but this pic will make me think twice. It’s a cool architectural feature here and anchors the framed photos. And what the hell is on the wall in the 1st aus. vogue living pic? WILD!

JHAYNE says:

i’m with you, too, kim on the railing on the last pic! i also really like the stair from douglas mackie, just gorgeous.

Erin T says:

I was going to say how much I liked the railing in the last pic – looks like I’m not alone! It adds so much interest in an unexpected place. How cool are those red mats around the photos in that picture? Framing is so gosh darn expensive though it would be hard for me to do something that isn’t conservative when paying to have something framed. I guess you have to take risks sometimes.
I also love the stair in the Peter Marino picture, and just spotted the little Parsons or rat terrier! So cute 🙂 I bet that whole home is awesome. Going to check out Marino’s site now…

kim. says:

Here’s a framing trick. Make sure the print is reasonably “average sized” and tape it to a nice piece of coloured paper from a craft store. Instant mat. Slap into a frame and you’re good to go. May not look as good as professional framing but sometimes a print is just not worth spending tons on.

Neal says:

it’s a vinyl puzzle by Julia Gorman, Kim, i’m doing something similar in my hallway using paint

I love it when someone knows the answer. Thanks Neal and good luck with the hallway art. Send us a photo when you’re done and we’ll post it!

Erin T says:

Thanks kim! That is a great idea. We could use some more art around our place and I’m going to try to stick to buying standard sized photos/art so we can buy frames at Sam Flax (art supply store with great prices) and IKEA. You really run into $$$ when you buy things that aren’t standard size and have to go the 100% custom route!
Also, over on the Decor8 blog the other day Holly posted about an article in the upcoming Blueprint about having art mounted to gator foam. I’m dying to have a gigantic photo blown up and that might be the least expensive route to go for something larger.

kim. says:

I don’t know what gator foam is but you could get anything foamy at home depot to use for backing. Then go to
and you’ve got yourself a huge poster – for FREE (well, get nice paper to print them on). If I had more wall space somewhere I would do exactly that…come to think of it – I have nothing over my fireplace…. 🙂

Don’t forget to use acid free sticky tape if you’re sticking a print to the paper. No ugly marks bleed through over time or better yet use repositional spray adhesive.

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