Flickr Find – srk1941

Posted on Sat, 24 Feb 2007 by KiM

Flickr’s srk1941 has an amazing set titled “Baldwin Hills Village”. The description says: “Photographs of the house from the last two years, as it slowly starts coming together.” He has some pretty incredible furniture. See for yourself.

KiWi says:

unbelieveable! Personally, I’d never use that sage green color scheme but what magnificent pieces.

Beautiful chair overload. Lucky *#*#. I really really need that blanc de chine Quan Ying (pardon spelling) lamp.

kim. says:

Is that really the name of that lamp?!?! Too funny – Jo is a WEALTH of design terminology. I love it too – and all the incredible chairs.

Blanc de chine is just a fancy name for white glaze porcelain and Quan Ying (and various other spellings) is the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy. I used to sell antiques in a former life and one of the dealers specialised in oriental antiques.

casapinka says:

I’m with KiWi!

what an incredible flickr find! great. really.

jessie says:

Looks wonderful! I love the zebra chair!!

chicfreaksali says:

Oh man – I stumbled across his pics last week and drooled all over my computer. His home is amazing.

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