Philippe Starck

Posted on Mon, 26 Feb 2007 by KiM

Philippe Starck is one of the most, if not the most, famous designer in the world. This may be because he is unbelievably prolific, having designed anything and everything – yachts, toothpicks, taps, scooters, toothbrushes… He is a design genius in my books because of his creation of the Louis Ghost chair. I’d like to do a couple posts on Mr. Starck this week because he is too good to be featured only once.

All images from Philippe Starck

Erin T says:

Isn’t the range of his work mind boggling? Some of my fave Starck (furniture) pieces:
1. The Louis Ghost and Victoria Ghost chairs. Plastic fantastic!
2. The Mademoiselle chairs (with the Missoni prints).
3. All of the aluminum chairs in his Heritage collection for Emeco. Well-made classics.
4. The miss k lamp – so cute I want to give it a hug!

frances says:

i have had this photo of a boat he did on my cork board for years…
may have to post it myself…
you guys are doing such a great job, really fun to look at everyday!

kim. says:

erin t – those are all my favs too! and thanks Frances! (you’re not on our blog list – I’ll add ya).

He’s been at it since the late 60s and it just gets better and better. Who else can make a garden gnome high fashion? PS love that b&w photo mural of books!

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