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bolig 1. abode, accommodation, dwelling, residence torv 1. bazaar, fair, market 2. market, marketplace et 1. one 2. a, an.

That’s as far as my online Danish translating skills go.…..not sure if it’s a homesite for a Danish magazine or an online magazine but regardless of my inability to understand a single word there are some amazing interiors to be found if you have the time to click on everything. Here is what I found.

P.S. I know we have Danish readers. Please put me out of my misery and help with the translation.

pauline says:

I read your blog since the beginning, and it’s still my favourite so stay as good as you are!!
I am a young french craft girl and I looooove craft studios… Please make
a topic on it!!!
Thanks a lot for all these beutiful topics!

kim. says:

Great idea Pauline! Jo and I will put craft studios on our list of rooms to post. Happy to hear you are enjoying our blog!

kim. says:

Jo – these photos are GORG!!! Where do I begin?!?! The shelving in the first pic is AMAZING. I LOVE shelving around a door. Not sure what the lovely doors are to the right in the 2nd pic but they look like toilet stalls. The 3rd pic – I think office chairs for dining room are so brilliant and I adore arco lamps over a dining table!!! (Great if you have no electrical over the table for a pendant). The chandeliers on 4th and 7th pics are to DIE for. THEN there’s the bed alcove in last photo. If I had that in my house I’d use it ALL THE TIME – bring my laptop in there, a magazine etc. etc.

Thank you thank you thank you Stephanie for sending this in. Sorry about whatever glitch is happening your end.

I tried to post a comment, but something went wrong. I just wanted to
tell you that Bolig is a danish magazine.
Its one of the very few danish magazines that we can buy in Sweden.
I really like your blog.
Have a nice day,
Stephanie from Stockholm, Sweden

Pauline funny you should mention studios and work spaces. I’m working on a post right now about them.

Samantha says:

I don’t know how you manage to pick the best pictures from the site! This is the second time I’ve noticed your talent for siphoning the most beautiful rooms each site has to offer. Thank you so much for your website, its really inspiring and helpful with personal home decorating decisions.

Hi there!

Sure, Stephanie is right about Bolig being a Danish magazine, but Boligtorvet has nothing to do with that. Or maybe a little, because some of the pictures are taken from the mag, but Bolig Magasinet has it’s own home page:

Boligtorvet has pictures and articles from several danish magazines, and they also work with a few architects and interior decorators. Boligtorvet is a lot more than the lovely pictures, they have all kinds of resources that you need when building, buying or decorating a house.

/emma – also from Stockholm, just making sure you get it all right 🙂

Thanks Emma. The mystery is solved. And thanks Samantha. Glad you like the blog.

KDot says:

Great site! I’m a designer and always looking for inspiration. This is my first time to your site, but I’ll be back! Google has this awsome tool that lets you translate websites from/to other languages. I tried it with Boligtorvet and it looks a lot like the US real estate site, or

Icy cool designs for a very chilly country 🙂

Almost as chilly as this place:

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