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Posted on Wed, 7 Mar 2007 by midcenturyjo

An Australian couple have turned a run-down 18th century villa in Positano into a light, airy, modern home. A cantilevered ribbon of antique Vietri tiles snakes through the living areas becoming a coffee table, a bench, a place to eat.I love the juxtaposition of ancient space and modernist forms.


All images from Australian Vogue Living.

Emmie says:

This room looks awesome!! Some great ideas in this blog to inspire your living and lifestyle. I enjoyed every bit of it!!Would love to come back for more.

Anna says:

I just love the tiles in this house so much. Tell me Jo do you know any places in Brisbane who imports these sorts of tiles other than Salvage? I have seen some of the ones that Salvage bring in and they are gorgeous but I just wondered if you knew of anyone else bringing them into our home town? Great post BTW!

I have had no luck finding them in Brisbane. Have seen the occasional single tile in places like Chelsea Antiques. Don't you just love Salvage. Is that where you got your swirly curly chairs or is that a trade secret?

kim. says:

This cantilevered snaking tile thingy is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. And that tile is beautiful!!!

Wow, this is pretty spectacular! I particularly love the loft area.

Julie says:

Hi I came across your blog while visiting Absolutely Beautiful things & I love it. It is really a place for inspiration. I am defenetely going to bookmark this blog

P.S I love this house too.

wow… just awesome architectural elements. i just love that loft overhang!

Amanda says:

WOW. downright amazing! Makes me wish I had such a large space to play with (and a matching budget, haha).

casapinka says:

REally weird but COMPLETELY excellent. Woworama.


wow. love the tiles!

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