Alex Papachristidis

Posted on Thu, 8 Mar 2007 by KiM

Alex Papachristidis of Alex Papachristidis Interiors is an incredible designer. His style has been described as “a dynamic fusion of the modern and eclectic with the luxurious and traditional”. These photos from his website are absolutely FABULOUS. His designs have a Jonathan Adler playfulness to them that I just adore.

elisa says:

i LOVE that yellow painting in the 3rd photo. does anyone know the artist?

kim. says:

I wish I knew – isn’t it the cutest???!!!!

Anonymous says:

Its John Currin…

VERY pricey & thats a really good one too – part of his older work.

He shows with Gagosian Gallery in New York.

I always imagined his paintings in a completely different setting.

The spin art looking painting in the 6th photo is a Damien Hirst – also such a wierd interior to put
it in.

I’m also spotting an Elizabeth Peyton too…this is a fun game.

kim. says:

Anon – I’m impressed. Who the hell are you? 😉

Anonymous says:

i wrote a comment but I guess it vanished…

I work in a gallery & I went to art school. So the only thing I’m qualified for is spotting art.


kim. says:

That ‘splains it!!!! Well, keep on coming back and you can be our art narrator!

Jon says:

what great colors going on in there!

OMG this is so much fun. Too often people forget to have fun with their interiors.

Anna says:

Love these images – so much colour and excitement!!

chicfreaksali says:

Those are dreamy. Loove the old hollywood glam thang, and he does it well!!

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