Rollout – Artist and Custom Wallpaper

Posted on Thu, 8 Mar 2007 by midcenturyjo

ROLLOUT is a creative studio that designs and prints custom single, or low run wallpapers.This Vancouver based company was in their own words “born out of the need for graphic expression in the interior design industry. Gone are the days of slick minimalism. Texture, expression, emotion, and color have filled the gaping hole left by modernism. We represent a culture of creativity and warmth that denies conformity.”

Images from Rollout.

kim. says:

These wallpapers are WILD!!! I absolutely LOVE the second last one.

I like the fact that they do small run prints or custom work. Love the photographic work.

bessie says:

I still can’t get up the courage to use wallpaper but these are cool.

Well thank God for that!

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