Posted on Fri, 9 Mar 2007 by KiM

Because of my adoration of chairs, I felt the need to share some more chair porn with you all, particularly those of Jessica Padt.

This one I found and just totally fell in love with. How cute is this chair from Mondo Trasho???!!!!

J Lee says:

that threaded orange / purple chair, i could totally curl up in that one. very nice.

kim. says:

But I wonder if it would feel like you were sitting on a bunch of tennis balls?

cardboard says:

I LOVE the chair underneath the tennis ball one! The pattern/colors are great but it’s the tall back and teeny cushion that get me. Since the verticle cushion connects the arc of the two arms, it makes me feel it’s reaching out for a hug. Love it. And that green/fur number is wild!

kim. says:

I feel the same about the 3rd chair cardboard! I love classic chairs like this one with a modern fun fabric. I love the itty bitty pillow with it – makes the chair seem huge!

J Lee says: balls! i never thought of that. to me the chair looks really puffy and comfortable, like i would just sink into it.

Love love love mondo trasho. How are you finding these great Australian sites? Love the image in the mirror? Enough said about that purple and orange chair!

jessie says:

love them all!!!! 🙂

Cute! That green chair is divine (though I really hope that is FAUX fur!!)

Anonymous says:

I found this shop in one of the lovely streets of the Jordaan in Amsterdam!

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