D’Ette Cole

Posted on Fri, 9 Mar 2007 by midcenturyjo

My wunderkammer wanderings led me to D’Ette Cole’s site. Amazing, inspiring, at times confronting for the minimalists of you out there. If clutter is not your thing look away now.

Sally says:

Aaaarrrgggghhhhhh! Dusting. I think I’m a minimalist. Are those bones?

Anna says:

I love things and I can be somewhat of a hoarder at times so I love this look and in particular the top 2 images. I think the possesion of “things” makes a house a home and in particular a house with your very own things which you have collected over time makes it YOUR home!!

I so agree Anna. Some of my most treasured items are things of little monetary value but steeped in memory and meaning. They are the first things I unpack whenever I move. I do not feel I have settled in properly until I have arranged my vignettes.

Anna says:

Me too Jo!! They are the things which remind us of home yet so many people just think of these things as junk – they are the people without soul in my opinion!!

kim. says:

But there’s vignettes, and then there’s clutter. Some specifically arranged items on top of a few dressers/buffets is perfect. Stuff all over every flat surface in your home can get to be a bit much and too distracting. Oh ya, love those top 2 pics too!!!!!

Jeniffer says:

I love this look. I love when a space has been look slowly collected and is completely personal. It’s probably the closest to what I go for in my own home.

It’s soooo strange. Anna and I are having our weekend powwow at the moment about Casapinka. I just sent her an email about that Les Indiennes bed and those images with the parasols. Now I see she commented on both of them. It’s the kiddie room we are discussing, so something interesting will hopefully come as a result of D to I!

intune says:

My home is full of great stuff like this. I love the link to D’Ette Cole’s site! Thanks.

kim. says:

Glad this post of Jo’s is getting lots of love. And I’m pleased this is inspirational for your redecorating Pink!!!

BoldAnon says:

D’Ette Cole is a genius. Style biters eat your heart out!

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