Zeff Design

Posted on Fri, 9 Mar 2007 by KiM

Mark Zeff heads up Zeff Design, a design firm that totally ROCKS. Take their design of the Night Hotel in New York. It’s out of this world. Great for fans of black and white interiors. He has also done some stunning residential interiors.

I love that he can go from simple understated to wham bam glam. Thought those first photos were in b&w at first. Whoa!! Great rooms. Some of those lights are amazing!

kim. says:

One of these days I will paint a room black – oh yes I will. And how gorg is that pair of green chairs?!?!?! YUMMY!!!

ZZ says:

I’m not to sure about his black rooms but I’m digging the picure with the colored vases. Cool grape lights.

WOW!! I love the black and white interior of the night hotel!!! Amazing!!!!! That couch is out of this world!

raabia says:

My father came back from a trip out west with an enormous rawhide of a black steer. It was a little ragged around the edges and speckled in white. He proceeded to lay the rawhide across the large leather couch in the “fancy” living room. I was mortified. The black&white couch in the first set of photos reminds me of that bizarre design choice. But I do love it. I love how familiar it is despite being so unexpected. I love taking something so natural and cowboy and making it glamorous.

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