Flickr Finds

Posted on Sun, 11 Mar 2007 by KiM

Some of my favourite Flickr finds to cap off the weekend. Happy daylight savings!

JAGwired juliaclairejackson
Stox – Ideas playground
See the Vintage Lifestyle set for details
underthepalm Tania Ho
Ta_ beogenesis

Another stellar collection of flickr photos Kim! (Stellar is my new word for the day.)Enough said about how long it must take you to find these.

raabia says:

I’m in love with the stox image. Gorgeous!

Raabia go check out his flickr set. Amazing images!

Thanks for sharing… Flickr can be an all-consuming tangle of images!

I have to get onto Flickr and check it out, if these images are any idication, there is a trove of images to be mined! Thanks for the tip!

Beware Mark. Once you get addicted to flickr there is no going back! You have been warned 🙂

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