Home as art

Posted on Mon, 12 Mar 2007 by midcenturyjo

The first home belongs to Sydney artist and jewellery designer Georgina Carless. The second to Australian fashion designer Stuart Membrey. I love how their art becomes their home and their home becomes their art.

Images from Elle Decoration except picture 4 from Elle Deco

Australian Vogue Living

Love all these venetian mirrors. They are so beautiful!!!

Anna says:

Is he still doing those wonderful still life paintings with all the beautiful blue and white things? I just loved this story and I have it in my “I Love” file!!

Love the other beautiful images too!

cardboard says:

I really like the thin, streaky sea foam green walls. I bet, if you lick them, they’d taste like salt.

Love the green wash as well. Beautiful.

kim. says:

That first group of pics is gorgeous!! The others are yet more photos of clutter (love them btw). Makes me wonder if Jo is running out of room in her place for all the great stuff she collects and has clutter on the brain!

That’s not clutter that is a well curated collection of loved objects 🙂 I don’t know if he is still doing those paintings Anna. I’ve heard nothing about him for some time now. And cardboard and pink I love that green too. So cooling.(It was 39 degrees celcius here the other day)

How fabulous is that finish on the wall in the first group of photo’s it just shimmers. It looks like a wash over a silverleaf finish, kind of a modern Chinois, tres Chic!

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