Modern steel and concrete home

Posted on Mon, 12 Mar 2007 by KiM

I was looking through some old magazines and found some photos in Ottawa Magazine of the home of architect Hank Kloosterman in the Gatineau Hills. Who knew there was such a fabulous modern home in the midst of the forest?

He has some fabulous MCM chairs, that suit the modern interior. Amazing red galvanized steel ceiling, concrete floors and cement block walls (the home is made up of 2,800 of them).

Obviously a lover of steel, the fireplace is made of painted red l-beams and the bathroom is surrounded in steel. The bathroom sink is VERY creative – made from a wok, glass plate and a funnel.

I really enjoyed this post on the Kloosterman House. So many of these fabulous modern homes need to find their way back to the viewing public. The architectural style of this house reminds me of Tom Kundig.I have a post on some of his work on my blog Love your blog. Cheers, Anya.

kim. says:

Great blog Anya!! And thanks for mentionning Tom Kundig – he’s got some great pics on his website!

I love Tom Kundig’s work and his quirky sense of humour. Those stairs of his are great. So is your blog and I’ll be stopping regularly. Love the name.

Imagika says:

Unfortunately… I’ve had some work done by Mr. Kloosterman.

The attention and detail that he has on his own house unfortunately hasn’t carried over to my own home. Yes the design is inspirational but he truly has an artist’s soul. With no concept of the cost of building a vision on a budget (even with 30% overuns factored in).

Definitely an project for those with deep pockets only.

Sunshine says:

We have also had a house designed by Hank. Shame on you for blaming him for the lack of control of your own budget. Hank gave us options for what we COULD afford and any upgrades were solely our decision.

Yes, he is an artist and designs beautiful, creative homes that suit their environment.

He has and will continue to receive references from us.

Iniesta says:

Wow, think Sunshine might be in the minority.

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