Michael Haverland

Posted on Tue, 13 Mar 2007 by KiM

Micheal Haverland clearly has a thing for classic mid-century furniture. His designs are centered around these and lots of modern artwork. Anyone with the balls to use a pink Eames lounger in a space is on the top of my list of designers to admire.

Oh Kim! You have found photos of one of my favourite mid century glass pieces. Those coloured glass screens hanging down through the voids are Higgins glass, made by Michael and Frances Higgins in the 50s. Never seen one in real life. Only lusted over photos of them. Thanks for more pics!

jaime says:

LOOOOOOOOVE the pink lounge.

I wish it was our house …. love it

Hi Ella! You have lots of lovely things you could put in it too.

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