Yellow, Grey, Black, White

Posted on Tue, 13 Mar 2007 by KiM

This colour combination in some form or another seems to be a hot topic of conversation lately among design blogs. To my surprise I found an old British Homes & Gardens magazine with a few rooms decorated in this fabulous palette of acid yellow, grey, black and white.

Sarah says:

I have been *so* into yellow and grey lately (as you can tell from my blog–it’s all about the yellow…) The black really make sthe color comination modern. And I love the rug in the last picture.

kim. says:

I hear ya Sarah – it’s such a modern colour combo and that rug is FAB! I’m as we speak putting together more posts on this topic :)(What’s you blog?)

samantha says:

Do you happen to know where to get full-on bright lemon yellow curtains (specifically Kelly Wearstler “citrine” yellow if possible)? I have looked and looked but can’t find the perfect yellow. There are some close spun silk fabrics but they are $52/yard which hurts to do 3 floor-to-ceiling windows. If you have ever seen fabric or curtains in bright lemon yellow anywhere, please let me know. Thanks!

kim. says:

Jo may know – she has some great fabric resources. But she’s out shopping right now. 🙂

Anna says:

OMG – I love the curtains and the black and white stripe dining chairs on that gorgeous textural yellow and white rug!! Loved this post!!

Sarah can’t get to your blog via your name. Where are you? I want to come visit. Samantha I dob’t know where you live so don’t know what access to resources you have. Have you checked out dressmaking fabric especially the synthetic silks/lining fabric? Not the same but it’s a budget thing isn’t it? Otherwise use the old trick of a cheaper plain fabric with expensive fabric edges or bottom. I love the look of unbleached hessian/burlap with a fabulous fabric(insert citrine yellow silk) bottom piece. Just remember to be generous in the length so it pools on the floor.

jaime says:

i never thought of these colors as a good combo, but after seeing this I think it might be one of my new faves.

samantha says:

thanks, jo. i’m in los angeles so you think i could find the right color. the only place i know that has them is clarence house in the pacific design center. they are open to the trade only and it would cost thousands. i ordered “lemon drop” yellow from jc penny and they are ok but they are not perfect. they are a bit muted.

Amanda says:

Hi! Do you happen to know where those curtains are from? Thanks!


kim. says:

Amanda, I found the mag I got these photos from and it includes info on the curtains. This mag is from 2005 though…they are ‘Taffetas Raye’ (7953/3), Trevira, £61.40/metre, by Dominique Keiffer, at Rubelli.

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