Posted on Thu, 15 Mar 2007 by KiM

I love chalkboards – because they are black, one of my favourite colours, and because they are really handy to have around. You never have to scramble to find a piece of paper when you are on the phone trying to take a message. If you don’t have one, you should.

Living Etc. Erik Johnson
Living Etc. Chocolat
Fearon Hay Architects Dwell
Melanie Acevedo Bruno Helbling

These ideas ROCK!!! I want to use some of these in my home! Thanks for the inspiration!

I love the idea of a chalk board in a kitchen!!

kim. says:

I’m telling you all – it’s soooo handy in the kitchen!!!!

Dr Mike says:

ok so I just bought a chalkboard. I’m a student and it’s probably the last thing I need after splashing out on new speakers. But it looks worth it. And a definite investment. So I tell myself everytime the creditcard comes out…

I think that these look great and was suprised to see the pic of one in the living room.

PS Thanks for the link in your sideboard – I noticed that it doesn’t have an underline under it and so does not look linkable (even though it is). Would it be possible to fix that?:-)

kim. says:

Maryam, I think it doesn’t show an underline if you’ve visited it – and since it’s your blog it’s stored in your browser cache. I will check through my template and see if I can change that setting. I’m a friggin web developper, I should be able to 🙂 Gotta rush off to work but will look into when I get home.

jessie says:

Kim- there is a place in that kitchen, where the last people boarded over a window or something, so there is a perfect place to paint a chalkboard!!! 🙂

Chaylene says:

I’ve always wanted to do this, but worried about where all the chalk dust would settle.

I have two little ones, so I know we would get many uses out of a chalkboard wall, but what’s the clean up like?

kim. says:

I had one in my last house, and I installed a wooden Ikea picture rail shelf under it to hold the chalk – and the chalk dust would just fall onto the shelf. So it wasn’t messy! I painted chalkboard paint onto piece of MDF and screwed that into the wall because when I had painted the backsplash of the place before that in chalkboard paint, it was hard to write on because walls aren’t totally smooth. So to everyone, I suggest not painting it directly onto your walls – do it on very smooth wood instead. (I have pics of mine in old house on Flickr – it’s a crappy pic though.) You could then even frame it with black painted molding and it will look like a big piece of art!

Chaylene says:

Great ideas! Thank you so much.

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