Italian Hotel

Posted on Thu, 15 Mar 2007 by KiM

I am partial to anything Italian…maybe because I am one. Half of one anyway. When I saw Linda’s post on her blog of this Italian hotel chain I knew I had to do a post – there were so many gorgeous photos on Casa Howard’s website. So many in fact that I will be publishing a second post with more shortly.

I would love to stay here! No cookie cutter rooms in this hotel!!

kim. says:

I’d love to stay there too! Love the tile work in the first pic and the striped walls in last 2. I think I have developped a thing for striped walls.

Kim … stop eying off the fabulous hotels and get back to work! Naughty girl!!

jaime says:

oh the tile work! I absolutely love this – i want to stay there.

There is a great website that lists some very cool places throughout Europe, that are really well designed and look really cool.

kim. says:

Too funny Mark – my sister told me this morning that she found that site last night and she has tons of pics saved for me to do use in future posts. So stay tuned!!!

-Suzie- says:

Hi Kim,
Which part in Italy is your family from? You have to come one day to Italy. And than you visit us in Calabria when the Palazzo is livable!

kim. says:

Hey Suzie! I’d love to come visit your palazzo! I have only been to Italy once when I was very little. So there’s some relatives there that I’d love to meet. My mom’s family is from WAY north – around Parma (Borgo Val di Taro).

Kim, thanks for your shout-out and these beautiful photos to the mix. What a fabulous hotel!

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