Posted on Thu, 15 Mar 2007 by KiM

Can you imagine having windows like this…AND having a view like this??!!

kim. says:

I’m with you on that – I like things that are unpredictable – like a modern house in the middle of a field. So cool. The key to enjoying it all is to get a small house/condo in the city and a cottage in the country. That’s my dream.

Erin T says:

You mean I can have both? That’s even better 😉

kim. says:

Like I said – it’s a great dream. 🙂

If we’re dreaming I’ll have one in the country, one on the beach, one right in the centre of the city and one in Tuscany, one on the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland with wild Atlantic Ocean views and…..

3rd Uncle are fabulous aren’t they? (Proud Canadian here.)

kim. says:

They are fab…and YAHOO, another Torontonian! (Still waiting for someone from Ottawa to comment…besides my sister…)

Love 3rd Uncle design!! I adore their breathing spaces!
Tis in TO, and I know you long for a fellow Ottawaian, Kim (or Ottawater… how does that go again??!) but how about a west coaster? (:
Have a fabulously green weekend!
Avoid green beer… les dents will thank you!

kim. says:

LOL – Ottawater. THAT is funny. Have a great St. Patty’s day terramia and everyone!

Whitney says:

Wide open spaces – such a beautiful picture…and that’s from an Ottawaterer…er, now living in Guelph.

kim. says:

Hi Whitney – FINALLY someone (even if formerly) from Ottawa! My grandmother and an aunt live in Guelph. So many places to go antiquing around there!

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