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Posted on Fri, 16 Mar 2007 by KiM

Living Etc.

Ok – I can’t get enough of these colours so here’s yet ANOTHER yellow/black/white post.


Fox Nahem Design Annie Schlechter
Domino Brad Feinknopf
Jonathan Adler Vogue Interiors

Anna says:

Stunning, Stunning, Stunning!! I love all of these images but in particular I love the bed head in the top image!! I love your addiction to black, yellow and white as it is on par with mine!

Mike says:

I will have to agree with Anna. The top photo is simply amazing. I specially like the flooring and its combination to the dark divider/partition.

kim. says:

See? We’re all on the same wavelength. I posted that one first and large sized because it is a GREAT photo. (Anna, I think of you/your store whenever I post these colours). And by the way, I think everyone should paint at least one wall in their home black (ok, or really dark brown or grey). It’s all about drama people!!!!

jessie says:

I am thinking about a yellow Dining Room,…in the house I don’t have yet. lol 😉 Love the photos!

Chaylene says:

Love the kitchen photo!

We’re moving into a new house soon, and I am so so glad to have found you. What an inspiration!

Erin T says:

I want to move into that top photo. I didn’t even know I wanted a yellow tufted headboard against a black wall – but I totally do! And then look at those gorgeous floors, and the adjacent bathroom which looks to contain a gigantic soaking top and a huge window. It’s perfect.

kim. says:

I want everything in the first photo, the art in the second photo, and the lamp and vases in the third. 🙂 I want I want I want!

PA says:

What a wonderful blog – and I found it linked off of dooce. I just have to have that bed in the center of the room with the flowing drapes. I have been trying to get this look in my bedroom for a while, but I just don’t think it is large enough. Now that I see how great it looks, I will step up my efforts. What beautiful photos!

OMG love them all. This is what happens when you don’t check the computer for hours. You get back and Kim has posted FABULOUS rooms.

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