More Casa Howard

Posted on Fri, 16 Mar 2007 by KiM

Here are more amazing photos from the website of the totally stunning Casa Howard hotel in Italy.

THIS is my dream home. OK it’s a hotel but you get the idea! Love it all. Throw in a couple of mid century classic chairs/lights for that eclectic vibe and I’m there.

kim. says:

Can I just say “HELLO ZEBRA CHAIR!!!!”

jessie says:

I would love a zebra chair, but I think my husband would fall over dead if he walked in our house and saw a zebra chair. He hates animal print. 🙁 I love the 2nd photo with the b&w whites, very cool!!

Anonymous says:

I love that study. I wish I had something like that. It’s so airy but has all the books you need to just lock yourself away in cosiness.

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