Yet another bathroom reno

Posted on Sun, 18 Mar 2007 by KiM

Happy Sunday folks! Hope you all have a great day. I will be holed up in my bathroom all day (and all day tomorrow) while I try and glam up one of the ugliest spaces ever. I would like to know why I came up with the ridiculous idea of painting stripes. It has taken me 2 hours just trying to come up with a width and to pencil the lines and then tape them. I’m already exhausted. Haven’t even started painting yet. I looked through my bathroom photos I’ve saved to see if anyone was retarded enough to try painting stripes and sure enough, this was the only photo I found and it’s clearly wallpaper.

How’s this for glam?

Poor Kim! It will be worth it in the end. Wallpapering isn’t that easy either. Don’t forget to post picures on Flickr …. as if!

Kim, keep up the good work! painted stripes are so much prettier than wallpaper, it will give the room a much cleaner, handworked feel. Be sure to post when you are done!

jessie says:

Kim, I have painted stripes before, and my husband keeps requesting them in other rooms. They are a pain, but like Jo said, its worth it in the end. good luck. 🙂

Erin T says:

Good luck Kim! I’ve also painted stripes before. My husband was kind enough to tape them off and I did the painting part. They came out great. Of course they are gone now – but that’s just because I’m fickle and have to change things up now and then!
The one tip I wish I’d known before doing the stripes – peel the tape off before the paint is completely dry. It’s supposed to give you nice clean lines. I peeled the tape off long after the paint dried and ended up taking up some of the edges of my stripes.
Can’t wait to see the pics!

kim. says:

Thanks all for the vote of confidence as I painfully type these words. My arms are shaky and every muscle in my body hurts. Remind me never to do this again. I am finally done and I have to say the stripes are FABULOUS. And easy to do when you use the same colour so you don’t have to worry too much about bleeding. I used semi-gloss and eggshell, so the stripes are very subtle. I will take pics once I have the new sink/faucet/light fixture/tp holder/towel ring/cupboard handles installed. Wish I had of been able to do a new floor now too but that will come soon. I’ll make sure the hideous linoleum doesn’t show in my pics!

frances says:

i did stripes in a bathroom once, i loved it. that said i have had painters tape on the ceiling in our hallway for over a year and still haven’t painted the stripes, kind of used to the blue now!

kim. says:

So it appears I'm not the only crazy person to do stripes – and in a bathroom to boot. Here's a photo I just took of the striped walls.

Yeah!!! Those walls look hot in that link. Great job Kim!!!!

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