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Posted on Mon, 19 Mar 2007 by KiM

Jo and I always encourage our readers to send in photos of their homes. We love to see how people have decorated their personal spaces and in posting them hope it inspires others. Plus, sometimes we get tired of hunting for amazing photos to post 🙂 So I was delighted when Vera emailed me with a link to photos of her apartment on Flickr. In her words “I live in a super bright studio apartment. I painted the main room bright yellow, the lobby bright orange and the kitchen bright green. My furniture is very colorful too and the whole place looks like a toy house.” If you love colour, then here’s some inspiration for ya.

what a fabulous idea! let me finish my spring cleaning… 🙂

Love the happiness of it. I can’t imagine being sad in this space.

kim. says:

Yes…everybody finish spring cleaning and send pics on over to Jo and I. 🙂

drey says:

it reminds me of something on TV just the other day! the Dr Seuss show… I think it’s The Cat in the Hat or something… supercolourful set! Very inspiring 🙂

Erin T says:

Vera, I love that bright green and the sunny yellow in the bedroom. Like mohairpink said, I can’t imagine being sad in that place!
I hope more readers send in pics. I love all of the inspiration from magazines but am very inspired by seeing how real people are living too.

J Lee says:

i love that heart rug. how cute is that! thanks for posting this!

Anonymous says:

great idea loved it,

NoShowMo says:

I love the contrast between this entry and the Jennifer Post entry below. While I can respect and admire Post’s talent as a designer and the art involved, I could never live in so much white. I must have color! Vera’s place here is great.

kim. says:

I think we’re all in agreement that an all-white place is only useful in pics. Not very realistic. I have 4 cats. If my house was all white and one of them puked – which they do far too often, the shit would hit the fan.

kim. says:

How ironic – I just got home from work and found puke on my couch. Gotta love Ikea and their washable cushion covers.

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