Garbage Truck!

Posted on Wed, 21 Mar 2007 by midcenturyjo

Normally it’s a hard and fast rule that all images are sourced. Problem is that I got this as an email at work. No idea where it originated. So my credits so far are Bree at Valley Mental Health via Corey at Royal Brisbane Hospital via Shaun at Roof Racks Galore. If you know where this originated let me know so I can adjust the credits. Back to the photos. This is a converted garbage truck. The space planning and modern interior are a triumph. Might even tempt me to take up the road. (I’m a 5 star hotel type.)

All images from someone who sent it to someone on and on to Shaun then Corey then Bree then me.

Don’t you hate it when urban myths are debunked. Knittergirl and Doctor Mom have pointed out that the truck has no side windows and the interiors do. Well spotted readers! In a vain attempt to keep my hopes alive I suggest that the sides may be hinged and fold up/out like an awning. Knittergirl has provide a link to the northerngeek’s Flickr page where you can find the full set. And I stand by my comments about great space planning, she says in a sulk.

Further update. The mystery is solved. It is a garbage truck and the links are in the comment section.

J Lee says:

haha..that’s awesome!
imagine travelling across the country on roadtrips in that! =)

Mel says:

I think the staging is hysterical–Oh, hello, come into my dump truck–would you like a glass of wine? How about a pineapple?

I loved that. But on second glance, why aren’t we seeing the windows shown in the interior pictures from the outside? Is it the same truck?

becky says:

This reminds me of Miere Ukeles (sp?), artist-in-residence for the NYC dept. of sanitation. She’s done a bunch of amazing projects, including a ballet – the ballerinas were garbage trucks driving in a choreographed routine!

Is this a used truck? how would they EVER get rid of the aroma?

I have seen something like this before, can’t recall where!
I dig the wee platform bed. Not the least bit trashy!

Rachel says:

I think they are so cool. Totally love the modern exterior.

I’m pretty sure they’re the real thing too: is the site of the company that builds them. I think not seeing the windows is because it pops up. or something like that.

Here is the manufacturer (and source, I suppose).

what a good way for celebs to go icognito.

It's very cool. The top does lift up. Go to the site and click thru to find more pictures! There is a lot more of the interior including the pantry, bathroom, dishwasher, espresso machine.

Wow, wow, wow. What a crazy, wonderful idea. For an organizational freak like myself I am mad about those drawers.

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