Ministry of Design

Posted on Thu, 22 Mar 2007 by KiM

OMG! These are some talented and innovative folks let me tell ya. Based in Singapore, Ministry of Design‘s mission is to “disturb, question and redefine the fundamental elements of Space, Ritual & Perception”. The following photos are from a hotel, apartment and boutique they designed.

Ohhh… ahhhh…
Crazy cool!

That bathroom OMG and the colour of it. Love it.

Wow, some of the stuff is a bit of a stretch for me, but how cool is that moasaic bathroom! I am sooo taking notes on that one! You guys Rock!

Joy says:

just another amazing example of rooms being art!! so gorgeous!!
thanks for sharing…

Anonymous says:

bravo for singaporean designers:) You should definitely check out the new majestic hotel as well in singapore:

kim. says:

No kidding about the hotel – some of these photos I posted are from their work there.

Anonymous says:

right, i see the hotel bedroom and the lobby… i recognized some of them… they truly have an innovative point of view that’s unmistakable…

kim. says:

I would love to do another post about the hotel in particular – it’s wild!!!!

Erin T says:

Their name is so authoritative I’d be frightened to question any of their design choices!
There are definitely a lot of fun ideas in here, although my shins are knees are bruised just looking at those wall-mounted drawers in the bottom photo. I’m a clumsy one.

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