Todd Oldham

Posted on Thu, 22 Mar 2007 by KiM

Todd Oldham is a busy guy. I came across his website Todd Oldham Studio and learned that not only is he an interior designer but he also does photography, graphic design, product design and film/tv/video. I’ve always admired his work, particularly his bold use of colour. These are my favourite photos from his portfolio.

kim. says:

You adore your sofa because it was 1/2 off or whatever.

julia says:

Well, yeah…and it looks cool.

Two words:
Multi Talented!!

Amazing Kim!!!
I just saw your beautiful work space on AT Home Tech! Fabulous… your home is so well decorated!

kim. says:

Thanks Terramia!!! I just finished redoing my bathroom and will be posting pics…I’m anxious to see people’s reactions.

modmom says:

wow! love your amazing blog

I am a huge fan of Todd Oldham. (PS Love your blog… it is indeed inspiring… linking you to my blog)

kim. says:

Thanks modmom and m.l! I’ll link you too m.l.

julia says:

Can’t stop looking at the last pic…amazing colour scheme.

kim. says:

I know…those colours are so soothing and perfect together.

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