Dogs on a chair

Posted on Sat, 24 Mar 2007 by KiM

I was just at a cool pet store called Bark and Fitz buying my cats a catnip cigar when I noticed some really adorable photography of dogs in the store window. They were by Sue Bird, a local dog photgrapher. Check out the photos on her website and blog. At least she had the photo above on her site so I can get in my “dog on a chair” comment. Had to add the next 3 because they are just too cute.

julia says:


jessie says:

Very cute! She is really good,..I need to take “better” photos of my pets. 🙂

Inspiring… b&w is so profound.

Hey, just found this link, thanks for linking me and posting me on your blog! Love dogs, love funky old chairs and cannot get enough of combining the two! Cheers!
Suzanne Bird
URBAN dog photog

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