How do you say OMG in Russian?

Posted on Mon, 26 Mar 2007 by KiM

I found this CRAZY apartment and knew I had to post it. I can’t say much about it because it was on a russian magazine‘s website. I think OMG says it all anyway. That and someone appears to have a thing for cartoons.

Anonymous says:

A Russian Superhero’s home. 🙂

Leslie says:

That’s simply awesome. And that bedroom! The canopy ceiling looks like a starlit evening sky.

olya says:

OMG in Russian is “O Bozhe moy!”

And if you edit with the link to the page where you found it, maybe I can explain whose apartment this is 🙂

J Lee says:

oh wow.. how fun!
my brother would love that apartment being he’s a huge into animations. his dorm room wall is covered with anime. Very fun space!

kim. says:

🙂 Thanks Olya. And I changed the link to go directly to this apartment. Any input you can give us would be great!

KiWi says:

It’s a MANtasy bachelor pad. It’s spectacular. I especially love the spiderman wall.

Anonymous says:

O Bozhe Moy! (OBM to those in the know) That is one Krazy Kat who lives in that pad – love it!

jessie says:

I want to paint murals like that in my next house!! Very cool!!!

Cool pad! Love those cartoon chairs. You’re right iy is a very “boy’s” place.

Karela says:

It’s an 18-year old’s apartment in St. Petersburg. Can definitely recognise it’s a young person’s home! 😉

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