Posted on Tue, 27 Mar 2007 by KiM

Scott Sanders started his New York based design firm in 2000. When he decided to rent a summer house for 10 weeks one summer, the owner agreed to let him redecorate it. For $2500 he turned it into one “groovy pad” (it appears with lots of help from Ikea).

casapinka says:

Now, isn’t that inspiring? Did they show the “before” photos? It appears he got a lot of bang for his buck! Great stuff, ladies (as always.)

jessie says:

I love the colors. I would let him in my house to decorate. I love those ugly dolls, I want to start collecting them.

Porcelain says:

Super fun!!! Love those wood paneled walls and wood floors.

kim. says:

I can’t remember if there were before pics. I love pics #2 and 3. Amazing that he can make wood panelled walls look so good.

Erin T says:

Wow, if I moved into a home with wood paneling my first inclination would be to rip them out. Now I see it can look fresh and modern with the right furnishings and accessories! It’s also nice to see my kitchen chairs (first photo) which are hand-me-downs but so comfortable I can’t bring myself to replace them.

janellio says:

oh my god it’s so seventies. I freaking love it!

See ugly seventies/eighties can be so cool if you do it right. I love the record collection on the shelves. There are some seriously wicked classics on those shelves.

lsaspacey says:

Wow, that’s a great 50/50 mix of IKEA and Crate & Barrel, I love it.

Jaime says:

the colors here LUCKILY overshadow some of the unattractive pieces of furniture. pretty cool!

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