Wid Chapman

Posted on Tue, 27 Mar 2007 by midcenturyjo

Wid Chapman Architects is an award winning firm specialising in residential and hospitality design. Wid Chapman himself was Chair of Interior Design at Parson’s School of Design. Plenty of ideas to file away here including the great use of negative space and voids. I love the hallway picture hanging system.

kim. says:

That hanging system is awesome! The artwork in the second last photo is STUNNING – I’m about to start drooling.

casapinka says:

Agree about the artwork. What an amazing space but I know I would be driven starkravingmad with so little color. And of course he would kill himself if he had to live in Casapinka! I find it very interesting that there is nothing hanging over the fireplace in that last photo: I’m all for thumbing one’s nose at convention: What do you guys think of the empty space over the fire: Statement in itself?

julia says:

I think it needs a gigantic piece of art over the fireplace…that would make more of a statement than nothing.

kim. says:

Interesting fireplace conversation. My dad-in-law tore off my fireplace’s mantle for me and I was thinking of leaving the wall above bare. Although, I do have a picture wall to the right and floating shelves with junk to the left. So I have already 2 statements in the room. Didn’t think I needed a third.

fella says:

The hanging system in the first photo is such an awesome idea. I’m going to be renovating my new condo/loft in May and I’ve been looking for ideas for a way to incorporate easily changeable art for the front hallway.

Excellent site by the way. I’ve been visiting multiple times daily since the site first started. It’s great to find a resource that introduces me to the work of all these fabulous designers.

I don’t mind the blank space above the fireplace. Tends to focus in on the fire. Also fire is not a kind friend to art work hung above it.

eric says:

um, what’s that thing on the floor in front of the desk in the photo on the bottom left? it looks like some fleshy starfish or a pregnancy mannequin.

i like the blank fireplace look, and jo is right, fire isn’t too kind to artwork. ever. but i do think you’d have to frame the blankness like they have here, otherwise it will look absent-minded. what if you put up a giant, ornate, gilded frame without artwork inside? totally postmodern!

kim. says:

When I get my fireplace area done I will post pics and get you guys to voice some opinions on the blank wall issue. Love the empty ornate frame idea though! Although my living room is kinda retro, not glam.

birdie says:

Oh this is so perfect! We’re thinking about doing a major remodel and this is just the feel I’d love. Thanks for the great link as well as the rest of the wonderful stuff you curate for us all. You are doing a fabulous job!

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