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Posted on Wed, 28 Mar 2007 by KiM

This has to be the best art wall I’ve ever seen. Notice that everything is framed in white. This adds a common element to the diverse selection of style and colour and makes it work. And work REALLY REALLY well.

Elle Decoration

waw!!! love it.

Porcelain says:

i love this!!!!!!! so great!

Nicole says:

Sooooooo good.

I love a massed hanging of pictures and you’re right all the different elements are united by the white frames.

kim. says:

My picture wall should have been done in all the same colour frames but that complicates things too much for me. 🙂 I am attempting a small picture wall in my bedroom in all black frames. We’ll see how it goes.

Bacchus says:

I’m surprised at the response. I find this wall complicated, cluttered and without focus. The white framing, while a good move, is lost in the mass of pattern and color.

I like art groupings but there doesn’t seem to be any focus. As a merchandiser this breaks every rule of good display.

kim. says:

I hear ya bacchus but I don’t think merchandising is done for the same effect as displays in your home. When merchandising you want a cohesive look because people are mostly take a quick glance, in a home you want people to stop and admire – like this wall does. There’s alot going on and it makes you want to walk over and check out each piece. My $.02 anyway.

drey says:

i’ve started a wall like this a while ago, but unlike the pictures that seem to be a collection of very different images, i’ve gone for green themed pictures and framed in white as well… i’m loving the process of finding more and more to put on the wall!!

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