Bluster Heath Design

Posted on Wed, 28 Mar 2007 by midcenturyjo

Bluster Heath Design are a dynamic and responsive British architectural and interior design practice who specialise where possible in environmentally sensitive solutions. Nikki and Oliver met in design school and have been practising successfully since 1998. You may recognise Oliver in one of the photos from his BBC TV appearances.


All images from Bluster Heath Design

Anna says:

I adore the top right hand image – those mirrors are stunning! I love old mirrors like that hung in clusters!! I actually sent an image to Pink a while back showing her mirrors hung in a cluster!! Great post!!

I like the asymmetry of it. The mirrors are hung to the side not directly above the sideboard.

Actually if you look at all the photos they’re very into assymetry.

kim. says:

Loving those kitchens. I adore the upper cabinets in the 2nd kithcen photo. Also loving the chandelier above the dining table in 3rd photo – it just makes the room. I can’t wait to see Pink’s version of the mirror pic! Last thing – maybe it’s just done for the photo but why is the coffee table and rug floating in the middle of the room in the 1st pic? How impratical. Love that room otherwise.

Erin T says:

I love those upper cabinets in the 2nd kitchen photo as well. I’m not sure what I think about upper and lower cabinets not matching. Not being a perfect match is one thing, but these are completely different – dark cabinets on the bottom with the hardware and then no hardware on the lighter more organic/modern looking top cabinets.
I do like all of the lamps/pendants, especially the Icon pendant in the first pic.

Lauren says:

I like how the wallpaper forms an alcove in the bedroom.

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