Weird Art

Posted on Sat, 31 Mar 2007 by KiM

So this has nothing to do with interior design images but I just found this and had to post it, well, because I can. This art by Ray Caesar is so wild and totally has a Mark Ryden vibe to it. I love the first photo.

Dargie says:

My jaw just dropped when I saw these. At first I thought “Eu.” But I couldn’t stop looking at them, and the more I looked the more I fell in love. They’re amazing. Thank you SO much for this post.

Lauren says:

Weird but beautiful.

jessie says:

I do not like the spider leg one, creepy for me. But they are neat.

Oh,I love rays art ! Did youread his story and how he came to create thse images in his head?

kim. says:

His bio is quite a story isn't it! (You can read it here).

KiWi says:

I love Ray Ceasar. I found him on myspace which totally justified its existence.

Bacchus says:

These are so cool. You should also check out Ruth Marks. She is a very interesting artist.

kim. says:

Thanks for the link bacchus – her work is incredible!

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