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Posted on Sun, 1 Apr 2007 by KiM

One of my favourite design styles is retro. My living room is retro-themed but I’ve been thinking lately that it could still use some work. So I went looking for some photos of retro rooms to get some inspiration and I stumbled across these and thought WOW – how FABULOUS!!! Way I see it, if you’re going to do something, you might as well go all the way. Don’t you agree?

Photos courtesy of Retro Crush

kim. says:

Happy April Fools Day everybody!!!

Thanks for the link anon – I think I’ve been on there before. Will check it out again.

I love the two bedroom with the crazy print on everything that couldn’t escape!

kim. says:

Funny thing about the 70’s…people just didn’t know when to stop. I guess “A little can go a long way” wasn’t among their favourite sayings. If I had to spend any time in ANY of these rooms I think I’d end up in an institution.

Jaya says:

I was hoping to gawd this was an April Fool’s day post, so I clicked through from my feed-reader to the comments.

Glad to know you haven’t lost your mind! Scared me there for a minute.

Why does everyone think this is an April Fools Day joke? Kim tell me this isn’t a joke. These are beautiful rooms. Love them all. Am I alone in my undying devotion to the 70s? 🙂

Anonymous says:

Oh thank heavens this was a joke! The one in the bottom right was particularly setting my teeth on edge, but they are all, um, well . . . wow.

-70’s baby

susan says:

I dunno….makes me want to find a therapist and talk about my mother. Same deal with the retro kitchens I’m showing on my site under “Ancient Kitchens”, those are crazy. I actually really like the red and purple room, that one I’d take.

kim. says:

Love the retro barf-worthy kitchens on your site Susan!

Ditto Jo, I hope this wasn’t a joke, I thought it was kind of chic

kim. says:

Sure Mark, this seems right down your alley 😉

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