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Posted on Mon, 2 Apr 2007 by midcenturyjo

The thing that I love about Ron Marvin’s work is that this look is so achievable. Ron worked for many years for American household names Gap, Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, West Elm, Hold Everything, and Williams-Sonoma Home. He is now an interior designer practicing in New York. He has an excellent eye for the vignette and packs a lot of punch in a very small space. Watch the Small Space, Big Style video on his website to see his gorgeous 250 square feet New York apartment. Lots of ideas to steal here.

Images from Ron Marvin Design

kim. says:

I saw that episode too! I thought his place looked familiar.

kim. says:

OK – I just noticed Jo mentionned SSBS in the intro. Maybe I should read before opening my big mouth. I think my sister watched that episode and now wants to paint her house that beige/off-white. (*boring*)

You guys come up with the greatest names, really beautiful work

I just counted the number of lamps he has in his NY studio and it was 9 that I could see. Hah! and people laugh at me when I say I used to live in a 1 bedroom apartment with 13 lamps. God I have a lamp fetish!!

julia says:

There is absolutely nothing wrong with beige – it just makes all your stuff look so good since the colour is quite plain. You just wait and see…we get the new house tomorrow. WOOHOO!!! And the beige painting begins…Kim you helping?

kim. says:

I’m sorry but who is this Julia person and why is she asking me to help her paint????!!!!!!!

eric says:

“self-confessed lamp tramp.”
hahaha. i can relate.

Your website is one of the few websites that truly deserves its name and I am fascinated by your findings. Thanks so much for sharing Ron Marvin design with us, I could not help but to check the photos of his apt and I wish I had this link before I moved out from my UES – 250sf apt. :-((

julia says:

Listen here twin sister…you can get out of painting only by taking on babysitting duties – your pick!

kim. says:

BABYSITTING!!!!!! (I’ve done enough of my own painting – sick to death of it)

Eric…”lamp tramp” – LOVE THAT

Thanks for nice comment NY Muhtari!

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