Andrew Martin

Posted on Tue, 3 Apr 2007 by KiM

Andrew Martin, based out of London, has an incredible line of fabrics, not to mention furniture, home accessories and several books. I was in awe when I went through his diverse line of fabrics, and love that he uses images of rooms where the fabrics are used as opposed to simply displaying swatches.

Anna says:

His collections are always fabulous!! You’ve found some great pics of his!!

Kempton says:

Beautiful stuff. And the chair on the right reminded me of Long Hair ( ) who wears a Che t-shirt almost all the time. I think he may quite like it. (smile)

Great site,

Oh goodness, there is so much beauty here!

J Lee says:

such a great idea to display fabrics instead of swatches because some people just can’t visualize from an 1″ swatch.

love the textiles, especially that blue flower chair. stunning.

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