The art in words

Posted on Wed, 4 Apr 2007 by KiM

I love bold artwork – and using words as art is a great way of making a statement. It’s an in-your-face approach of getting a message across or just a fun way to decorate a wall. Whatever the motive, here are some ideas of how to use words (or text) as art.

Art Rep Team Fox-Nahem Design
Ken Hayden Living Etc.
Pierce Allen Pierce Allen
Zege Zege

julia says:

LOVE the idea in the last 2 pics!

J Lee says:

i love words on walls … =)
especially that black board on the white walls, what a kick.
your eye is just naturally drawn to it, almost makes the white wall disappear behind it.

eric says:

the pierce allen photo is FABULOUS. but it does kind of mock the space. oh well.

This is a fantastic post! Great job… 🙂

Love the chocolate room with the pucci print. Yum!

Yes adore words and am trying to figure out creative ways to work them into my space.

I love typography, they look so chic in rooms. Have you seen these?

kim. says:

Thanks for the great link crustation!

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