When women wore pearls

Posted on Fri, 6 Apr 2007 by midcenturyjo

I love Plan59 the museum (and gift shop) of mid century illustration. 50s images of cars, trucks, old ads and DECOR! They have an online art store where great retro prints can be ordered. It’s a fabulous fun look back to when cars had fins and wives wore pearls when preparing the family meal. Miss the fins but not the “perfect wife” image.

All images from Plan59.

susan says:

You know, the design was really very fresh at that time. Take away the women(!) and some of those concepts would fit right into today! It’s really a lot of fun to look back at this interesting era of design.

J Lee says:

haha.. love it. how retro.
i actually 40’s – 50’s fashion so the women look great to me =)

btw – what are you talking about “when”, i still wear pearls. infact my engagement ring is a pearl ring 😉

Jessie says:

These photos really make me want the house I am trying to buy!!! 🙂 Love the photos!!!!

diamond says:

I’ve been trying to incorporate more purple into my wardrobe, but the last one makes me realize I need to incorporate purple into my next apartment.

What Kim, you don’t wear pearls when ordering pizza? Maybe I should send you some. Love that first and last room (oh heck, and the ones in between). Great post.

kim. says:

Pink, my friend, I seriously only order pizza MAYBE once a week. And I always have my pearls on – strands and strands of them.

And I suppose you wear pearls with your surgical scrubs and baby puke! LOL. The pink rooms are for you anyway. You’ve ruined me. Everytime I see a pink room/ accessory/anything I think of you.

Wishing you and your family a happy and blessed Easter

I love these retro images, very funky and vibrant. Must have been the decors to aspire to at the time!

modmom says:

happy easter!
i love plan 59 too.
i posted some of these on my blog.
can’t wait til they add new ones.
thanks for visiting my blog, it’s fun to make a new friend + find your amazing blog

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