Where’s spring????!!!!

Posted on Sun, 8 Apr 2007 by KiM

The weather this weekend is pretty terrible considering it’s April. It’s cold, cloudy and even a bit snowy. In one word – MISERABLE. So thanks to Jodi for the link to this fabulous home in Key West. *sigh*

Erin T says:

Happy Easter to Kim, Jo and your families!
Kim – believe it or not it’s really cold in Atlanta this weekend too! Friday night after we got home from The Decemberists concert I looked out the window and actually saw snow flurries!

kim. says:

Happy Easter to you too Erin! Luckily the bit of snow we got melted, but it’s not warm enough for my liking. Looks like I’m not the only one suffering!

I want that glass room!!! We are freezing are tails off here as well!

It’s a balmy 27 degrees celcius here today (that’s in the 80s for those in America). Sunny, light breeze. I’m having breakfast in the morning sun. Happy Easter(yesterday for me)to all of you!

And I forgot to say I want that lamp in the bedroom please!

Jessie says:

It was 80 degrees where I live on Monday, by the end of the week it was 20 degrees for a low!!!! Ohio weather is so goofy. I want spring!! Great rooms.

kim. says:

Jo, take your 27 degrees and shove it up your a**. 🙂 And I want that lamp too!

Jealousy will get you nowhere Kim 🙂

kim. says:

I ate too much turkey a couple hours ago to be able to come up with a snarky remark so you win Jo….this time.

Anna says:

I want this house!! It would be a wonderful Queensland house!!

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