Charles Allem

Posted on Tue, 10 Apr 2007 by KiM

Charles Allem prides himself on not having a signature style. (He also brings new meaning to the term “monochromatic”).

“I never repeat the same design – there’s no formula to my work. The interiors I create run the gamet: Louis XIV, Rococo, Art Deco, Contemporary, Minimalist…” The only thing these disparate projects can be counted on to have in common is the glamour of individual identity, given that Allem regards each of his individual undertakings as “a canvas on which to create something new and extraordinary”.

Jessie says:

WOW!!!!! I love these spaces!

J Lee says:

I love his statement!
And if I’ve ever seen monochromatic work – its here!!!

Thanks for sharing! YUM!

Jaime says:


Now just one little touch of red, yelow, chartreuse. Love the stripes. And why am I not surprised that Jaime would like them 🙂


well, if my husband really wants to go for a black and white theme, this would be IT for me! looove the Charles Allem style!

I think I’d go mad if I spent too much time in one of those rooms—I’m a person who needs color! 🙂

I love how hollywood glam these feel … like a modern version of the classic black & white movies!

John says:

Charles Allem does absolutely FABULOUS work. Do not mistake the above designs to be his style. Although his monochromatic work is magnificent, he loves color and does tremendous design all-around. His new company and website is at

Anonymous says:

Tetric!!! Depressing!!! looks like hospital not a home!!!!

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