Rustic kitchens

Posted on Tue, 10 Apr 2007 by KiM

Although if I ever end up redoing my kitchen it would have a modern streamlined vibe, I still have a love and fascination for kitchens that are quite the opposite. I’ll call it “rustic”. You know, muted colours, pots and utensils hanging on the walls, lots of open storage to display beautiful dishes, and large furniture in place of cabinets. It’s such a welcoming look, imagine a big centre island with family and friends gathered around, helping with the cooking while sharing great conversation.

susan says:

Well, let me be the first…I’m practically vibrating over these kitchens! While I’m not SO sure I’d be wanting to live with the half painted blue wall, the others are really, pretty dreamy. There is something about neutrals….AND, shelving.


J Lee says:

i’m working on a kitchen re-design right now and my clients want a moroccan themed kitchen so these photos of rustic kitchens are great inspirational pieces for me right now. thanks for sharing!

i especially love the first one with the great tile work and bright colored wall & the last two in the white room. =)

kim. says:

Susan, I thought you might enjoy these. And of course I HAD to add the last photo in (go figure, that one’s my favourite).

Lovely kitchens Kim. So inviting, so cosy. It’s cats at taps now! I saw a flickr set somewhere with cats in sinks. Great post!

Malinda says:

I think I’m a rustic gal, which might not be good since I’m going back to school for interior design. But I love your site. You don’t just post each day, you post multiple times a day!

Love the cat pic too. Makes me miss my old cat!

Great Post! Like minds…. LOL I posted about Kitchens today too, but I love the images you found, especially the House of Pictures ones.

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