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Posted on Fri, 13 Apr 2007 by KiM

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Pink Mohair is looking for decorating ideas for her 3 year old daughter’s room. So I figured I would just post some of my favourite photos for her to get some ideas…and for anyone else looking to decorate a little girl’s room. (Pink seems to be the theme – hard to find non-pink girl’s rooms).

Canadian House and Home Domino
Greg Natale Homes and Gardens
Homes and Gardens Homes and Gardens
Jill Dupre Paul Costello
Living Etc. Living Etc.

Kim! Thanks so much. There is some great inspiration here. I can’t do pink bec. she’s sharing with her brother but: Love that fuchsia BED. Great Eames rocker, love the symmetry in the Domino room, the parasols….going to study these more and try to come up with a plan!

KiWi says:

Ilove the Dupree design. I’d use that for myself but OOOOOOO that fushia bed! Gorg-e-ous.

If I ever have kids they'd have an Eames rocker and some political statement art just like in the last picture. Maybe those Che Guevera chairs from your post Kim or Communist propaganda posters from the 50s and 60s. I'd love some little radicals!

Pink if you want to make it more unisex then how about those big white chinese ball lampshades mixed in at different heights with or without the parasols and paint one wall chinese red or the beds. Maybe bedspreads/duvets with a handpainted chinese symbol of their name or characteristic. Or forget the chinese thing (I know, I’m going through a phase) and still use the lampshades and parasols and go Wary Meyers and groovy 70s acid art. Or their willow pattern room…ooops going chinoiserie again.

Sylvie says:

Merci for mucho inspiration.
By the way…your links below the photos are broken.

kim. says:

Thanks for letting me know about the links Sylvie!

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