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London based Collett-Zarzycki successfully combines architecture, interior design, interior decorating and landscape design. It is this multidisciplinary approach that has created this amazing portfolio. Their environments mix the traditional and the contemporary. Andrej Zarzycki and Anthony Collet have a 25 strong team whose work spans from Zarzycki’s native Africa to France and London. Beautiful, classic, diverse, contemporary. Their work shows an understanding of their client’s needs and the sense of location.

Images from Collett-Zarzycki

kim. says:

Love these photos…that dining room full of pottery is WILD, and totally love the chalkboard over the tub (in case you get bored?) and the black/white art in second last photo.

Agree Kim especially the foyer art. Yum!

jaime says:

on the left – I need to get the husband one of those nightstand TVs so we can get the big monster one out of the bedroom!

kim. says:

I had same problem – so bf built a room in the basement for the monster tv and I got myself a nice reasonable sized one for the bedroom. I like that tiny nightstand one though!!

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