The Panton S chair obsession continues…

Posted on Thu, 19 Apr 2007 by KiM

Sadly, I still have not made a purchase of (at least) one of these. So instead I post photos of this stunning chair which only serve to whet my appetite even further. Oh well.

It’s funny how a piece of design that doesn’t do much for me automatically changes in my estimation after I hear from someone who is totally enthused about it. I’ve always had a “meh” attitude toward the Panton S, but now seeing it through your eyes, sort of, I can see why people dig it.

For casual dining chairs, though, nothing will ever steer my heart away from my beloved Herman Miller shells. 🙂

kim. says:

For dining chairs – I’m torn between the 2. Actually, I’d die for either. Just wonder what cat claws can do to fiberglass.

hmm – i’ve always loved the panton chair for exterior application in an outdoor space or for commercial use. especially love the mini panton chairs for kids, just ordered a pair for a client. Or if ordered in high gloss, as a stand alone piece for that signature focal point with the floss spun floor lamp … with cats, well, I would definitely do the matte in a white … black just shows too much of the scratches

have you seen the mist chair – it’s amazing too! i love it because it’s unique and less common … yet classic like the panton

kim. says:

Matte in white is a good idea Gaile! And I had to look up the mist chair…OMG it’s soooooo cool. It is similar to the panton but I like that it’s way less common (although wouldn’t work so well for a dining room chair). Thanks!

Jessie says:

I worried about cats claws also. And my friends… lol I want them basically to “LOOK” at!! 🙂 I won’t want anymore to touch them. I really wanted White Glossy. Maybe I should buy Matte Finish. I did find them cheaper also. For about $250 a pair!!

You can never have too many pics of a Panton S chair. White is great but I have now fallen in love with those fuschia ones. Imagine a OTT trad gilt room with those chairs and a Louis XVI table. YUM!

kim. says:

Jo, please stop. Now I’m sitting here wondering what room I can gilt and buy fuschia accents for. 😉


you should check this out, more panton chair pics for you:’s-church-by-maxim-velcovsky/

I found it via PAN-DAN.

kim. says:

Thanks for the link imedagoze (someone else had sent it to me as well)…I would have posted those pics but it seems alot of other bloggers beat me to it.

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