Retro revisited

Posted on Sat, 21 Apr 2007 by midcenturyjo

Another retro book find. I found this one in a Salvation Army thrift shop. Home Decorating Using Light, edited by Harry Butler. Marshall Cavendish, 1972. Forgive the graininess of the photos. The images are 35 years old after all. But the rooms though retro are fresh and just as inspiring today.

Flokati and swirls and Marilyn, OH MY!

kim. says:

Funny how people today would pay a fortune to have furniture and accessories like this…and all of these rooms are perfectly retro. Except that last photo…the wallpaper is pretty hideous.

Jessie says:

I see stuff I would like to have!! But not pay a fortune for!!! I love the room witn Marilyn!!!

Love all of these and I have plenty more pictures to share. Wait til I start my series on the 80s the next frontier of retro!

I was clearly born in the wrong decade … I can’t believe I just missed this stuff!

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