Dogs…should I?

Posted on Sun, 22 Apr 2007 by KiM

I need a dog like I need more furniture. However, I stopped to pet a dog that was tied up outside the restaurant where we ate breakfast (I’ll stop and pet any dog within arm’s reach) and it really hit me how badly I want a dog. Not good. This house is on the small side and as most of you know, I already have 4 cats. I hope my mother doesn’t read this because I’ll get a lecture (mixed in with Italian swear words). Anyway, the first 2 photos are by Pete Gosselin and the others from Daily Puppy.

Below is Simone, a 12 week old boxer who has to be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

Rachel says:

Since you love dogs, i simply had to write and tell you about Amanda Jones who is a fabulous pet portrait photographer. Her work is such eye-candy:
Before I adopted my pooch (got her from the SPCA and she is the greatest dog ever), i painted pet portraits because i was so dog crazy. ( i liked to joke that while some women’s biological clock would kick in, my dog clock was ticking!

Jessie says:

That boxer is really cute. You could always just get a small dog. That way the dog blends in with the cats. LOL When you are an animal lover its so hard to not keep “collecting” them. I am going through the same thing right now!!!!

Aarrgghh! I am another bad person to offer advice since I have three dogs now and would take more if my husband didn’t put his foot down occasionally!

Small dogs are easier with cats since there is no ‘stomp and chomp’ to worry about but any puppy with soon become acclimated to the kitties in their midst. Cats know how to let a dog know what is what.

I say go for it. But then again…I may be living vicariously through you. 🙂

Erin says:

I love dogs! I know what you mean! I want to bring every one home with me…my husband and I adopted a Bouvier puppy a few months ago…he’s the sweetest thing, but such a handful! Our lives literally revolve around him right now…and my carpets are completely ruined…in the end, though, he’s worth it (and on the up side it looks like we’ll be stripping the floors down to stained concrete…yay!)

kim. says:

You people are a BAAAAAAAD influence. I had gotten my hardwood (ok, parquet) floors refinished before I moved in and that was in June – the floors were scratched to sh*t only a few months later. Since they’re already in bad shape…
Anyway, I just LOVE the idea of a tiny dog I can take everywhere that’s low-maintenance that I could train to use the litterboxes with the rest of the clan. 🙂

Thanks for the links Rachel (will check out when I get home) and Erin – stained concrete…COOL!!!

Nicole – “stomp and chomp” made me laugh. Hadn’t heard that phrase before.

Jessie you are a BAD influence for sure!

Oh, Kim! Fellow animal lover… you have made my day! What joy! Merci! (:

Adopt from a shelter! Hundreds of stray puppies and kittens are born every hour…love knows no pedigree 😉

kim. says:

No worries worsted witch, I'm always on the local humane society website and the site Friends of Abandoned Pets.

Anonymous says:

Hi Kim! I’m a little behind on the blog, so I just saw this post. I had never had a dog before, so when my husband suggested getting one, I was hesitant- to say the least. I’m not terribly good with added responsiblity (thus the reason we don’t have children). Then my husband suggested we get what I’ve heard to be one of the most challenging dogs, a Labrador. Then he said he wanted a puppy. Thinking he’d completely lost his mind, we got an 8 week old yellow Labrador for Christmas of 2005. I can only tell you that if someone asked me to name one thing you regret not doing earlier I’d say ‘getting a dog’. His puppy-hood (made up word!) was a major challenge, but once he was house trained, we got used to the added responsibility, and modified routine, it was wonderful! He makes me smile every single day, even on the bad ones. I wouldn’t trade him for the world. We’re thinking about another one now.

Good luck in whatever you decide.

Stephanie Collins
Cincinnati, OH USA

kim. says:

What a sweet story Stephanie!! Thanks for sharing it. I thought Labs were naturally good/easy to train dogs. Anyway, I don’t think we’ll be adding any more animals to the mix…alot has gone on this week and I think the timing is bad. But I hope you get a second pup!

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