Deborah Berke

Posted on Mon, 23 Apr 2007 by KiM

Deborah Berke has such an amazing style to her design. Understated and timeless with touches of colour for a bit of drama. The furniture is totally fabulous and the artwork leaves me breathless.

Connie says:

do you know who did those paintings in the first picture? the circles and the swirls are just great

REally unique ways of hanging art. I know loads of people would say the last picture has the art hanging too close to the couch. I really enjoyed seeing that diagonally hung artwork. Don’t limitless posibilites make you smile?

Julie says:

I love the mid century furniture and splash of colours in her designs. Love it.

kim. says:

Connie I’d LOVE to know more about the art in the first photo too. We have an art buff who pops up every now and again who hopefully can enlighten us. They’re totally up my alley. And Pink – art hung low looks soooooooo good. The art over that couch is perfectly hung IMHO.

J Lee says:

I must say, the first thing that jumped out at me are the fabu-licious art pieces!

LOVE the art!! THe MC pieces are hot tpp, When it comes to art think large people. Make that statement big!

kim. says:

I agree with you Jo, bigger is better.:) Seriously, I’m starting to think I should stop collecting all these little art prints and start saving for BIG GRAPHIC statement pieces. They’re much more fun.

Tamara says:

I’ve been admiring the art in the first and last photo for years, and I finally discovered the artist is BEATRIZ MILHAZES. Sadly, these big graphics come with big price tags.

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