Frogs and snails and puppy dog tails

Posted on Mon, 23 Apr 2007 by midcenturyjo

Kim posted some wonderful photos of little girls’ rooms and now it’s my turn. Rough and tumble, brave and bold. Little boys need a creative inspiring space of their own.

House Beautiful Domino
David Netto Jonathon Adler
Amok Forms of Design
Deborah Berke Domino
Domino Greg Natale
KWID Zeff Design

Kate says:

I love the Greg Natale image, the use of the patterns on more than just the walls works really well

Anna says:

A wonderful post. I adore Kelly Wearstlers son’s bedroom!!


So grateful for these images, Jo. Not a Thomas the Train wall decal among them. You shall go far.

My fave is the Domino orange and khaki room which is EXACTLY what I plan to do for our Ethiopian boys when they come home. I thought the look was warm and would look fab with an Ethiopian flag tacked to the wall.

Maile says:

I love the Amok room for all its extra storage, though it does seem like the kiddies would outgrow it pretty fast.

kim. says:

Is it just me or is the bed in the first photo a wee bit too high? I see a concussion in the making.

Anonymous says:

Thanks for posting boys stuff! They are all so different and it’s funny to read the comments and see how everyone’s opinions are so different too!

My favorite is the top left Domino in green with stars. I love stars!!

Maile I want that playroom bed myself! Kim little boys always get concussion don’t they? Hi Anna thought you’d comment on the KWID room and pink I can find Thomas decals if you want 😉 Nicole how wonderful…. beautiful boys coming into your house! Anonymous like that one too love the green chalkboard paint instead of black. But Kate I agree with you the most . LOVE the Greg Natale room!

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