Posted on Tue, 24 Apr 2007 by KiM

I will admit, I am a SERIOUS patternmaniaphile. Ok, I just made that term up. Definition = someone totally obsessed with patterns. I could sit here and look at pictures of patterned wallpaper and fabrics all day. I think mixing patterns is practically an art form…and very easy to overdo or get it wrong. Here are some examples of it done right.

If you’re afraid of wallpaper, simply try some patterned accessories…like these.

Channel 4 Channel 4

Love the Missoni plates and all the Designers Guild wallpaper.

Jessie says:

I love it will you post things about pattern. I have to get more comfortable with it. My husband has already told me he is NOT going to hang wallpaper, ever!! (he says this with lots of anger) I think I am going to start small. Lately I have been looking for fabric with retro patterns. I am having a hard time finding things I love. 🙁

Jessie have you seen this ebay store. Great retro fabric and believe it or not is a 15 minute drive from my home.

Julie says:

Uh… tell me about it. I am obsess with pattern too. I mean is there any better way of making a room cozy and glamorous besides using different patters? I can think of one…

Anonymous says:

I just wish I knew where to find wallpaper as good as these. Sadly Judith Miller doesnt let on where she got those awesome floral prints. :(…

Being afraid of wallpaper is like being afraid of chocolate.

Anna says:

I like the top left hand image the best.

kim. says:

I agree Anna! And I want that lamp in second last photo. SO CUTE!!!

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