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Posted on Wed, 25 Apr 2007 by KiM

Location Works claims to be the largest locations company in Europe, providing locations for film, television and photography. I found some pretty spectacular photos I thought you’d all enjoy.

J Lee says:

wow – they do have a lot of locations! my goodness.

i would love to be a scout, taking photos of and looking for great spaces daily to share with others. how exciting.

I’m with you on that one Jennifer. I want to be a scout too. I love how each room has a stand out personality.

paola says:

The third one down on the right is amusing because it is a VERY typical cramped hallway from a London house, albeit with a nice wall of mirrors and chandelier.

Which means that most of my friends in London could use their flats as locations as well. But the other spaces are all pretty ‘wow’!

hi ladies, this site is great but they really need to improve on the quality of their shots. The resolution needs to step up a notch for sure.

frances says:

isn’t it amazing what a white border meeting the ceiling does? the mother of a college friend of mine taught me that trick and i have used it ever since…h

Like the mirrors – now I see how close together they should be.

kim. says:

Sorry Pink – perhaps I should have posted this a few days ago!!!


what a cool company! they sure make gorgeous settings!

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