Thad Hayes

Posted on Fri, 27 Apr 2007 by midcenturyjo

Thad Hayes embraces the period and the modern, simple and significant. His timeless spaces are clean, sharp and elegant. Subtle, inspiring, timeless and delightful.

kim. says:

I see our fav colour scheme there (last pic). That mirror in the last pic is incredible. And the light in the 2nd last pic is so glam!

J Lee says:

Kim, I didn’t even notice the mirror until you metioned it. Goes to show how they really do enhance and brighten up a space! 🙂

That dining room in the 3rd picture is the kind of room i’d picture really great home cooked meals to be served in. It’s so comfortable!

I love that light too and his use of sculpture and objects as 3D art. Sculpture is often ignored as a means of adding that extra layer to a room. I also love that collection of creamware jugs and the way he has displayed them on mass in that heavy dark cabinet.

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